Most people lump all their internal information processing together and label it thinking. Importantly it can be very useful chunking this down. Because when we process information internally, we do it usually visually,(sight) auditorily (sound), kinaesthetically (feeling), olfactory (smell) or gustatorily (taste).

As you read the word “funfair” you may know what it means by seeing images of thrill rides, helter skelter, or dodgem cars. Or by hearing the sound coming from the amusement arcade. By feeling excited by the smell and taste of the popcorn or candy floss. It is possible to access the meaning of a word in anyone, or combination of the five senses.

People move their eyes in systematic directions, depending upon what kind of thinking they are doing. Therefore, these movements are called eye accessing cues.  Most importantly the slides below portray the kind of processing most people do. When moving their eyes in a particular direction.



Therefore, test this for yourself because practice makes perfect. In a group of three people, decide whose A, B, and C. A will ask the following questions of B and C will observe.

 Question From person A See again your mother person B’s response will be in the form of an eye movement whilst C observes.

Question From person A Hear again your favourite music Person B’s response will be in the form of an eye movement whilst person C observes.

 Question From person A Discuss with yourself  the European Union.

Use the slides above as a reference.

 How useful would this be in your business and other aspects of your life?

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