Knowing how to sequence your decision making strategy

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

How do you make your decisions? How useful would it be, for you, being a better decision maker?

We reach making a decision using our five senses, these are sight, sound, feeling, taste and smell. Let’s use this for buying a cup of coffee; I’ll use myself as an example .

At first I visualise the cup of coffee, secondly recalling its taste. So we have two examples of using the five sense, seeing and tasting.

In NLP terms we describe the five senses as “Representational systems” these five senses are expressed a VAKOG. These pan out as follows V: visual or sense of sight, A: Auditory or sense of sound, K: Kinaesthetic or sense of feeling, O: Olfactory or sense of taste and G: Gustatory or sense of smell.

We can now “code” my buying strategy V+O , vision and taste, however this is a poor example of a buying strategy because it contains only two rep systems. For a buying strategy to work it must contain at least three rep systems.

So looking back to my example of buying a cup of coffee, let’s add in a third rep system, Gustatory, sense of smell. The new code now reads V+O+G = buy.

However let’s delve a little deeper by doing a “Belt and Braces” job; with this.
When I visualised the cup of coffee an image was formed in my mind therefore an internal representation as opposed to an external one.

Armed with this new insight we can now add in a lowercase i representing internal next to V in the code. This looks like this Vi . Let’s map this across to O, Olfactory and G , Gustatory. Olfactory now gets a sub code expressed as Or the r representing remembered. The Gustatory G is now expressed as Gr again r representing remembered.

Put this all together, the new sequencing of code looks like this Vi + Or + Gr = buy.

The more representations of the five senses you use in the sequencing tbe better decision strategy will be. Every behaviour has a sequence that gives you a strategy.

Armed with this knowledge I am curious to know how useful the Decision making technique would be in making major purchases?

Any questions? Do ask! In the meantime don’t think you can Know you can.